Two churches provide clean water for Liberian community

Great news!

On Monday evening at the Executive Board meeting, Dr. Tom Howe, pastor of Birdville Baptist Church, and Kris Drees, pastor of Haltom Road Baptist Church, presented a $29,345.33 check to the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering.

The two churches joined together in fundraising over two months to provide the gift to Hunger Offering partner Lott Carey Mission to renovate a water tower in Brewerville, Liberia. This is the largest project for a single Hunger Offering project to date.

In Brewerville, an estimated 25,000 people must walk five to 10 miles a day to access water, which is not always clean. It is imperative for the school and surrounding community to have access to clean drinking water to prevent harmful illnesses, such as ebola.

The churches raised funds through a myriad of activities:

Volleyball tournaments

Churchwide Walk-a-thon

Word of mouth in the community

Birdville High School senior Hannah Fitch  organized a “Mr. Birdville High” contest with all of the proceeds going to the tower.

Congratulations to Birdville Baptist Church and Haltom Road Baptist Church for their efforts in providing access to clean water with our neighbors in Brewerville. Your efforts make a difference!

Click here to learn more about the Lott Carey Water Tower and the the churches’ fundraising efforts. Click here to learn about Lott Carey Mission School in Liberia. Learn more about the Hunger Offering at

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