Who we are

The Texas Baptist Hunger Offering unites the body of Christ to end hunger and poverty and promote holistic transformation in the name of Jesus. 

How it works

You and your church give to the Hunger Offering, and the Hunger Offering then disperses funds through partners to over 150 hunger relief and development ministries across Texas and around the world.

How to promote

Hold a special offering in your church every 5th Sunday, and then again on Mother's Day. Visit our promotions page for promotional items to help spread the word.

How to give

Give as an individual or as a church either online or by sending your gifts through mail. Fill up your Texas-shaped Hunger Offering bank today!

Click on the red dots to see where you are making a difference.


“Our UBA Mission Centers of Houston provided food for over 18,000 neighborhood residents and clothes for over 5,000. The Centers served families, homeless, and homebound friends. Funds from the Texas Baptist Hunger Offering help to make this possible.”

Dian Kidd, Associate Director, Union Baptist Association

"God calls us to feed the hungry and clothe the naked and to defend the weak, the poor and destitute... let our life calling lead us to give of ourselves and resources to fulfill that divine mandate to give glory of God!”

Dr. Michael Evans, Senior Pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Mansfield

“Every time we come to the Lord’s table we remember those who don’t have enough to put on their own table,” Sandlin said. “[The Hunger Offering] allows the Body of Christ to come together in such a way that we’re able to take our advantages and put them to the common good.”

Dr. Taylor Sandlin, Senior Pastor, Sugar Land Baptist Church, Sugar Land , TX

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